Curriculum Vitae

Victoria Manolidou is born in Athens.

Education :  Diploma of Opera from the class of the baryton K.Pascalis.

Study at the Operngesangsstudio Zürich with the soprano B.Bosshart-Mumme.

Study of Repertoire with the soprano Barbara Psaropoulou-Gavakou ,with the conductor Simone Maria Marziali and the soprano Stefania Bonfadelli.

Diplomas in foreign languages: English,French,German,Italian.

Professional Activity : Concerts in Greece and in Italy,

Collaboration with the State Orchestra of Athens and with the Athens Concert Hall

Collaboration with the Eurorchestra  of Bari (Italy)

Participation at Gala of Opera and at memorial concert to M.Callas,

Sound recording of the Work of D.Nicolau “Preludes et Chansons en Grec, op.104” and its broadcast from the Greek National Radiophone.

In September 2017 she interpreted the role of Ariadne in the Opera “Minos” of M.Sfakianaki that took place in the archaeological palace of Knossos in Crete, with the Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir. It was the first time that the monument of Knossos was being opened for the Art and there was a parallel live broadcast of the Opera by the Greek National Television and the EBU.

In 2018-2019 she fulfilled the recording and first worldwide presentation, from the Greek Radiophone, of the " Lieder of Konstantinos I. Sfakianakis (1890-1946)".

In 2022 she interprets 4 Works of Konstantinos I. Sfakianakis in the CD release by Subways Music. The CD "Konstantinos I.Sfakianakis(1890-1946)"of Subways Music has been awarded with a Special Commendation by the Union of Greek Critics for Drama and Music, Awards 2022-23.

In 2023 she interprets the soprano part in the dramatic cantata "Tanais"of M.Sfakianaki, in the CD release "Tanais" by Subways Music.

In 2024 she interprets the role of Wizard in the opera production "Flogiki Magera" of M.Sfakianaki at the Trianon Theatre in Athens and at the Athens Concert Hall.